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Foreign trade clerk

1. Basic requirements: love the business of foreign trade, dare to challenge yourself, challenge high salaries, can bear hardships and stand hard work, be diligent and pragmatic, proactive, have a good team spirit, have a high degree of execution, can withstand strong work pressure, strong stability, Determined to engage in the foreign trade industry for a long time

2. Academic qualifications and major requirements: college degree or above, business English, international trade, marketing and related majors, gender is not limited, 23-35 years old.

Three, job functions:

1. Use the online platform to develop overseas markets, seek communication with overseas customers, organize and reply, and do a good job of follow-up work.

2. Keep abreast of market information, maintain the company network, collect statistics on the background of the network platform, and release new products.

3. Maintain good communication with customers, maintain good relationships with old customers, and be responsible for product promotion and marketing in foreign markets.

4. Grasp the needs of customers, take the initiative to develop business, and complete the tasks of superiors and subordinates.

5. Collect business information, grasp market trends, and report market conditions to leaders in a timely manner.

6. Actively coordinate with the production department to ensure that the goods are exported on time.

Fourth, work address: Liaobu Town, Dongguan City

5. Number of recruits: 2