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Foreign trade merchandiser
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1. Basic requirements: Follow up or operate part or all of the processing, shipping, insurance, inspection, customs declaration, and foreign exchange settlement in accordance with the contract and related documents, and assist foreign trade personnel who perform trade contracts

2. Educational background and professional requirements: college degree or above, business English, international trade, marketing and related majors, gender is not limited, 23-35 years old.

Three, job functions:

1. Good communication skills. Be able to communicate and coordinate with various departments in the company, and do a good job of communicating with customers.

2. Good oral English, familiar with foreign trade knowledge. Realize language barrier-free communication, master basic knowledge of foreign trade English correspondence and translation;

3. Strong ability to respond to emergency and emergencies, and appropriate language. Ability to deal with emergencies such as customer complaints and failure to deliver in time

4. Solid professional knowledge, master a sufficient amount of professional terminology, and be able to communicate with lay customers and factory suppliers without barriers;

5. Be careful and have a strong sense of service. A lot of documents are involved in the work, and it is necessary to be careful and serious. Have a sense of teamwork. The merchandiser is the link connecting customers, factories, and freight forwarders. The quality of their work directly affects customers and factories.

Fourth, work address: Liaobu Town, Dongguan City

5. Number of recruits: 2