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Purchasing clerk
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1. Work content of procurement clerk:

   1. Compile procurement contracts and other documents, compare unit prices, and input quotations into the system;

  2. Prepare weekly or monthly reports for the purchasing department;

  3. Collect, sort and count various purchase documents and reports;

  4. Custody and maintenance of purchase quality records;

  5. Communication of procurement affairs;

  6. Sort out supplier information, including suppliers’ quotations, product types, etc.;

  7. Assist buyers to complete price negotiation and other work;

   8. Manage daily purchase documents and record purchase progress;

   9. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

   2. Job responsibilities of purchasing clerk:

  1. Responsible for sending and receiving various documents and letters, go to the general manager's office once a day in the morning and afternoon to pick up official documents, requisitions, and purchase orders, and submit them to the manager for review and approval in time, so as to avoid backlogs and delays in various documents;

  2. Familiar with and understand the work situation of each link in the department;

  3. Urge to implement the instructions of the superior, and timely convey the leadership’s policy and business policy to the employees of the department, so as to upload and release, so that the work of the department can proceed smoothly;

  4. Assist the manager to do a good job of investigation and research, and provide constructive opinions to the manager in time;

  5. Do a good job in the registration and archiving of documents, do a good job in the registration of business documents, and assist the leader to check the procurement process;

  6. Answer the phone and make careful records, receive visitors, treat guests in a civilized manner, and keep meeting records and archives;

  7. Coordinate internal employee relations, do a good job in department attendance and salary payment.

   3. The post requirements for purchasing clerk are as follows:

   1. College degree (inclusive) or above;

  2, no gender limit, age 23~35 years old;

  3, 1 to 2 years of relevant work experience, proficient in using office software, good at excel;

  4, proficient in office automation software, master Internet mail sending and receiving, processing skills;

  5. Work conscientiously, carefully, work diligently, and organize work arrangements;

  6. Concise language, strong sense of confidentiality, etc.