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How to buy a good bag

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How to buy a good luggage every international student will inevitably need to bring a lot of things when going abroad for the first time, so a good luggage is very important to carry these items. Luggage can be divided into large suitcases and small suitcases according to their size and purpose. The former refers to various air suitcases and trolley suitcases that people carry when they go out to study, travel, and work on business; the latter are usually walking on the street. You can often see various briefcases, fashion bags, casual bags, etc. that people carry with them.

     Experts studying abroad mainly talk about big bags. Large luggage can be divided into two categories: soft box and hard box according to their different materials. Hard boxes include ABS (styrene polymer) boxes and PP boxes (injection molding), and soft boxes generally refer to EVA (high-density foam) boxes. The ABS box is moisture-proof and pressure-proof, so even if it rains or snows, you don’t have to worry about the contents of the box getting damp and getting wet, and due to the material used, the box itself does not have a large degree of expansion, suitable for storage Valuable items such as cameras, cameras, etc., in case the box is subject to external impact, the items in the box will not be easily damaged. Its lock is a combination lock with side lock.

     The other kind of hard box PP box is produced in one molding, so its fastness is better than ABS box. This is its biggest feature, and other features are roughly the same as ABS box. The EVA soft box is different. It is characterized by its small weight, that is, the weight of the box itself is lighter, and the box has a certain degree of expansion. It can hold more items than the ABS and PP boxes of the same specification, so the capacity Large, light and convenient are its biggest advantages. Its lock is a combination lock without a side lock, and some models do not even have a combination lock, so users need to add a lock. According to the performance of the boxes, they can be divided into air suitcases, trolley cases and briefcases. Suitcases and briefcases generally have a length greater than a width and a height, while a trolley case is different. Its height is greater than its length and its width. The characteristic of the suitcase is that it is equipped with a handle at one end, which can be lifted and pulled, and it is convenient to run, especially suitable for narrow aisles. The trolley case, as the name implies, has a built-in trolley. The user can pull the trolley out longitudinally in several sections just by pressing the button. It can be pulled away like a luggage cart. Its advantage is that it is light and labor-saving.

     The briefcase is popular among consumers for its small size and convenient carrying. There are many luggage specifications and sizes, mainly 18 inches, 20 inches, 21 inches, 23 inches, 26 inches, 27 inches, 29 inches, 30 inches, etc. Specifically, the most commonly used 23-inch boxes have length, width, and height of 610×420×200 mm, 26 inches of 660×490×230 mm, and 27 inches of 735×570×250 mm. This year’s luggage has a wide variety of specifications, and the design has also abandoned the original boxy and angular features, and introduced the latest streamlined shape. The colors are also only burgundy, dark gray, and dark green. On the basis of several models, boldly adopted popular colors such as red, lake blue, goose yellow, emerald green, pink blue, apple green, etc., which won the love of the young people.

     If some friends want to go out, but don't know what kind of luggage to buy, if you want to go abroad for further study or work, then the 30-32 inch extra large flight case is your ideal choice. To buy a bag, you should choose according to actual needs.

      First of all, you must determine the size of the luggage you want to buy according to the specific situation. If you are going out to take an airplane, then the box you carry must not be larger than 21 inches, otherwise you cannot carry it with you, then you must check it in. formalities.

     Secondly, choose according to the determined specifications. First, check whether the surface of the case is smooth and free of scars;

     The second is to check whether the edges and corners of the box are smooth and not rough. If there are aluminum alloy corners, check whether the package is firm;

     The third is to take the box and walk a few steps to see if the bottom wheel is flexible, the steering ability is strong or not. The quality of the wheels is very important. You should choose multiple rows of wheels and rubber wheels. Because of the rude handling on the plane, the wheels are easily affected. damage;

    The fourth is to press the button and pull out the lever to see if it retracts freely and functions well;

     Fifth, if it is a hard box, lay the box flat and put a heavy object on the shell. It is best to stand on the box and try it yourself. If the quality of the box is qualified, there is absolutely no problem. Sixth, the most important thing is Check the performance of the lock. For a password lock, you can adjust a password at will and try it, but it should be noted that when you officially adjust the password, you must choose a three-digit number that is easy to remember and not easy to forget, such as birth date and phone number. Numbers, etc. are fine.

    Otherwise, if you can't open the box, you will have to be anxious. After the above several checks, you can buy it with confidence. The maintenance method of the box is very simple, as long as it is not close to the fire source and corrosive materials and to prevent man-made damage.

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