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How to distinguish true and false "leather"

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The following is how to distinguish true and false "leather" from the editor of Zhuo Yan luggage and leather goods factory

To understand leather, you must first master how to distinguish between true and false. "Leather" is the most common word in the leather product industry. It is also a customary name for leather when distinguishing synthetic leather. There are many types of leather and different qualities, so the price Also very different.

According to its type, the common leathers are mainly pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin, horse skin, etc. Cowhide is divided into yellow cowhide and buffalo cowhide; sheep skin is divided into goat skin and sheep skin. According to its level, it is divided into the first layer, the second layer and the third layer. Fur leather is divided into fox fur, goat fur, rabbit fur fur, mink fur, etc. According to its type, fox is divided into blue fox, silver fox and red fox; goat is divided into adult goat and under-age goat, rabbit The fur is divided into yellow rabbit, rex rabbit, white fur rabbit, etc.; mink is divided into male mink and female mink. There are many types of leather and fur. This is not a complete list. Cowhide


The smooth skin in leather is used in many leather products because the smooth skin has good tensile strength, dirt resistance, abrasion resistance and good air permeability. Suede leather not only looks elegant and elegant, but also has good air permeability. But the disadvantage is that it is easy to get dirty and not easy to maintain. Especially in a bad environment, suede shoes are easy to inhale dust, and the fluff will fall down when exposed to water. There is a kind of leather called modified leather. Modified leather is processed and painted on the surface of the leather, and it can be pressed with different textures. Some painted leathers are thick and have poor wear resistance and air permeability (this depends on the situation. Consumer explanation)

Genuine leather and fur leather are semi-natural and semi-processed raw materials. With the continuous improvement of domestic tanning technology, the same type of leather can be added to many different styles of leather, so it is difficult for consumers to identify the type of leather. , There are many kinds of quality to identify clothing leather.

According to the finished leather goods

Leather goods classification refers to the various branches that make up leather goods: men's clothing series, women's clothing series, luggage series, wallet series, belt series, leather accessories, etc.

Among them, men's and women's luggage and wallet series have unique directional product types. Such as: classic type, full stereotype (hard boxed), semi stereotype, full casual, semi casual, fashion style.

1. Classical: Refers to a brand product with a certain historical record and also represents the company's cultural image. Such as: Louis Vuitton, CHANEL (Chanel), Cartier.

2. Fully set: refers to the early traditional production process, using cardboard, film, wood plate and other auxiliary materials to line up the leather and lining to develop various bag-shaped products. Its advantages are good looking, firm, generous and not easy to deform. Disadvantages: too hard, bulky, and not close to the body.

3. Semi-final: refers to various products evolved from the use of fibers, non-woven fabrics, resilience glue, and PVC miscellaneous glue instead of auxiliary leather and lining fabrics such as paper, wood plates, and films based on traditional qualitative effects. Its advantages: it has the traditional look and feel, the shaping effect, the good hand feel, the increased space for putting (practical), the lighter weight, and the simple production. Disadvantages: Slightly deformed if used for a long time or overweight

4. Full leisure: refers to a variety of soft bag-shaped products made of soft first-layer animal skins, PVC rubber materials, fabrics, and a small amount of auxiliary styling materials. Its advantages: light, practical, hand-feeling and close-fitting. Disadvantages: Difficult to shape, easy to stretch or break under stress.

5. Semi-leisure: refers to a variety of products made by combining the dual elements of stereotypes and leisure.

6. Fashion style: refers to the fashionable products made by using fashionable and popular fabrics and colors, as well as the designer's personalized elements and decoration. Its advantages represent fashion and trend. Disadvantages: Easily eliminated by new fashion products.

Identification of Folding Genuine Leather

Here are several common ways to identify dermis

1. Dripping test: The one with strong water absorption is obviously natural leather, otherwise it may be artificial leather.

2. Tensile force and elasticity test: Natural leather has good elasticity and tensile force, otherwise it is artificial leather.

3. Blowing test: You can blow with saliva on the reverse side of the leather, and there will be leakage on the front. It is precisely because the leather has this "anti-reversal performance". When you wear leather, the cold-proof effect is very obvious, and it forms With good air permeability, this fully reflects the value of leather.

4. Visual identification method: First of all, it should be distinguished from the leather pattern and pores. On the surface of natural leather, it can be seen that the patterns and pores do exist, and they are unevenly distributed. There are animal fibers on the reverse side, and the side section is clearly distinguishable. There are animal fibers in the lower layer. The leather fibers will stand up when you try to scratch with your fingernails. A small amount of fibers can also fall down. The fabric can be seen on the reverse side of the synthetic leather. There is no animal fibers on the side. Generally, the epidermis has no pores. , But some have imitation leather artificial pores, there will be inconspicuous pores, some patterns are not obvious, or there are more regular artificial patterns, and the pores are quite consistent.

5. Hand feel identification method: Secondly, the leather feel is elastic. When the leather is bent down by 90 degrees, natural wrinkles will appear. When different parts are bent, the thickness and size of the wrinkles produced are obviously uneven, which is basically OK. It is believed that this is real leather, because real leather has a natural uneven fibrous structure, so the performance of the wrinkles formed is also obviously uneven. On the other hand, synthetic leather feels like plastic, with poor recovery, and the thickness of the folds are similar to each other.

6. Smell identification method: Natural leather has a strong fur smell, even after treatment, the smell is more obvious, while artificial leather products have the smell of plastic and no fur.

7. Burning identification method: mainly smell the smell of burnt and look at the status of ashes. When natural leather is burned, it will emit a scorched smell. The burned ashes are generally fragile into powder, and artificial leather has a higher flame after burning. It shrinks rapidly and has an unpleasant plastic smell. It becomes sticky after being heated, and becomes hard and lumpy after cooling.

If you buy a finished product and there is no leftover material to burn, you can use a lighter 2cm away from the leather surface to burn for tens of seconds to see. The leather surface will only heat up after a while, and the fake leather will become discolored or wrinkled after burning. Come together!

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